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    发布时间:2019/12/18  点击量:


    Farmers’ use of mobile phone-based farm advisory services in Punjab, Pakistan

    Nasir Abbas Khan, Gao Qijie, Selamawit Fantahun Sertse, Md Nur Nabi, Palwasha Khan

    Corresponding authors: Gao Qijie, email: gaobjcn@163.com

    Information Development, August 1, 2019(published online)


    Abstract: The agriculture sector in Pakistan faces enormous challenges of lack of farm knowledge adoption due to the farmers’ lack of access to the latest information. Recently various mobile phone-based farm advisory services (FAS) have been introduced as an alternative to the conventional extension methods. Despite many ICT initiatives, the performance of these projects remains unsatisfactory. The current study was designed to identify these FAS, farmersextent of use, and factors associated with their adoption. Two hundred and forty farmers were surveyed in the rural areas of district Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan. Data were collected using a structured questionnaire and analysed with SPSS software. Findings revealed that 77.08% of the sampled farmers were using mobile-based FAS. Telecom and private sector FAS were reported to have the highest share of users (37.08% and 25.83% respectively). Results of the logistic regression showed that farmerseducational level, mobile use skills, mobile possession duration and the number of mobile phones in a family were found positively significant, while farmersage and contact with extension agents were negatively significant. The findings conclude that education and digital literacy are essential for the use of mobile-based alternatives and emphasize the need for training and educating the farmers.

    Keywords: farmers, mobile phones, agricultural information services, Punjab, Pakistan

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