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    发布时间:2019/12/18  点击量:


    Farmers’ use of mobile phone for accessing agricultural information in Pakistan: a case of Punjab province

    Nasir Abbas Khan, Gao Qijie, Shoukat Ali, Babar Shahbaz, Ashfaq Ahmad Shah

    Corresponding authors: Gao Qijie, email: gaobjcn@163.com

    Ciência Rural, Vol.49, No.10, 2019


    Abstract: Agriculture is considered as the main driving force in Pakistan’s economy employing 45% of the countrys labor force and generating 20% of national GDP Agriculture sector of Pakistan is facing numerous challenges including non-adoption of agricultural technology at the farm level, due to farmerslack of access to the latest information. In this context, the current study focusses on the use of the mobile phone in accessing agricultural information among the farmers of the  of district Muzaffargarh,Punjab, Pakistan. A multistage sampling technique was used to collect data from the two tehsils (cities/sub-districts) of Muzaffargarh formulating a total sample of 180 farmers. SPSS computer-based Software was used for analyzing the data. Results revealed that 91.2% of the farmers indicated mobile phone ownership. It was further reported that 87.20 % of the farmers used private sectors advisory staff to obtain agriculture information. Market information was ranked as the highest accessed information among the rest of farm-related use. Easy access to updated information and connectivity with stakeholders were reported as the highest perceived benefits of mobile phone use (4.63 & 4.72 mean). Findings reported that farmerslimited aptitude of Mobile phone usage and lack of awareness of information sources as major constraints in farm-related use of the Mobile phone. On the basis of findings, the current study provided recommendations and policy implications for utilizing the true potential of these ICT-enabled solutions in agriculture.

    Keywords: mobile phone, ICT, information transfer, e-extension, farmers, agriculture, Punjab, Pakistan.

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